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THANK YALL SO MUCH for supporting my track “B*TCH”- my very first self release and I couldn’t be happier! #selfie #bitch #22jumpstreet




Selena did it first.


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big-rayray asked: Do you think you and Joel would ever do another tune together? :D just curious

yeah maybe… 

never-slept-so-soundly asked: I love you so much!! :D I saw you with deadmau5 back in october last year at roseland ballroom and when you came out i was so fuckin pumped and went so hard that i had to run to the side &puke hahahah. still was one of the best shows ive ever been to and you guys performed so amazingly. please come back to new york with deadmau5!! <3 <3 much love girl.

lololololol BEST message ever

the-clockworklesbians asked: Hey Sofi, what would be your backup plan in case music didn't work out?

I dont have a back up plan. I think it would distract me from my master plan…

infra-turbo-coelacanth-racer asked: Hey Sofi, I saw you last year, May 30th when you were in Oslo with deadmau5! YOU WERE AMAZING. How often do you and Joel talk ?

thanks… hmmm go thru phases. its either a lot or not at all

natureboiiii asked: I <3 You!!!!

<3 U back


The Rules - Tommy Lee & DJ Aero Feat. SOFI [Heat Maxwell Remix]